Super Sudoku Three Dimensions no 2

Super Sudoku Three Dimensions no 2


My visitors know my Sudoku three Dimensions puzzle (Rules of Sudoku 3 Dimensions). Recently I have adapted this puzzle for the Super Sudoku ( 16X16 Sudoku), I nammed this puzzle the Super Sudoku Three Dimensions, the same rules applied except this puzzle could take 232 847 different forms ( the way to arrange the faces of the cube, in comparison the regular has 979 possible configurations). It means that you could use a lot of long time just trying to resolve each configuration of this puzzle. 

So for the first time I give you a puzzle without the solution. The first one that send me the solution ( a picture of the puzzle completed with your name) will receive one of my book (of his/her choice), I will send the book anywhere in the world  (the inhabitants of Mars are not allowed to participate in this competition- this is just for the shipping charge ) .

Super Sudoku Three Dimensions no 2164

And now this is the puzzle (PDF) :

Puzzle : sucu_g_10_3_02164.pdf

The name of the winner will be published on this website, this puzzle will challenge you and I am not afraid that you find a solver for this kind of puzzle. 

Good luck !



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