Sudokube # 1

Sudokube # 1

The Sudokube (SudoKube) is a 3D Sudoku. This puzzle has regions, columns and rows having the same size than a standard Sudoku, the difference is that the Sudoku is on a cube. In order to adapt a Sudoku with nine regions (3x3 box) on a cube with room for 12 regions (4 regions on each visible side) we must have one empty region (white square) on each side of the cube.  So when you follow a row you must sidestep the empty square.  Do not forget to use numbers from 1 to 9.  With all that, not only you have a Sudoku 3D but also a captivating puzzle. I present you two Sudokube puzzles.


Sudokube n 3

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: sudokube_6_00003.pdf

Solution :sudokube_6_00003_sol.pdf 


Sudokube n 4

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: sudokube_6_00004.pdf

Solution :sudokube_6_00004_sol.pdf 

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