Multi Sudokube # 3

Multi Sudokube # 3

This is one of my new puzzles that I have created this year: the Multi Sudokube (SudoKube). This one has three cubes, the columns and rows in each cube span on the sides but also when two cubes met a new row or column is created which spans on the one side of the two cubes. use number 1 to 9 and skip blank region. And enjoy ! 

Multi Sudokube 4 n 9


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle :sudokube_3_d_4_1_00009.pdf

Solution :sudokube_3_d_4_1_00009_sol.pdf


The multi Sudokube is only available in my book: The Ultimate 3D Sudoku Book. Which contains, as the title indicates, many more gems such as:Hyper Sudoku 3D, Spark Sudoku, three Dimension Sudoku and so on. This is the perfect gift for any Sudoku fans.

The Ultimate 3D Sudoku book


Have fun !!!

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