Multi-Sudoku Flower Sudoku # 7

Multi-Sudoku Flower Sudoku # 7

I explained in a previous article that the flower Sudoku is composed of 5 Sudokus. It looks like a cross with 4 Sudoku connected and the middle forms a new Sudoku. By the same occasion I present you these two puzzles.

Flower Sudoku n 90

The printable files  PDF.

Puzzle : flowe_00090.pdf

Solution : flower_00090_sol.pdf


Flower Sudoku 91

The printable files  PDF.

Puzzle : flower_00091.pdf

Solution : flower_00091_sol.pdf.

While you are here, I want to let you know tha my book Spectacular Sudoku Variants has a lot of these puzzles, plus many more variations with 2,3,4,5 Sudokus and also puzzles with even more Sudoku (like the Dancing Sudoku)

Have fun !!

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