Multi Sudoku with 5 Sudoku :no 1

Multi Sudoku with 5 Sudoku :no 1

In the multi Sudoku world, the most known configuration of 5 Sudoku is the samurai.. But others forms exist in particular this two variants : 1- Sudoku Flower and 2- Sudoku Windmill. The Sudoku Flower has a a Sudoku in the center with four Sudoku at each edge sahring 6 regions (3x3 box). Look at the schema to sidtinguish all the Sudoku

Composition of the Sudoku Flower.

 The other the Sudoku Windmill is like a windmill (the center) with four blades, look at the schema.

Composition of the Sudoku Windmill.

So enough disucssion this is the puzzles.

The Flower Sudoku

Flower Sudoku no 8.

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle :flower_00008.pdf

Solution: flower_00008_sol.pdf

And the Windmill.

Sudoku Windmill no 1

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: wind_00001.pdf

Solution: /puzzles/wind_00001_sol.pdf


I hope that you will like these variations. If you want to more of these kinds of puzzle you could obtain the book Spectacular Sudoku Variants, it cointains these variants with a lot of other variants like multi Sudoku with 2 sudoku up to 13 Sudoku like the Sumo).

Spectacular Sudoku Variant

 Enjoy !!.

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