Latest book: Number FIll-Ins

Latest book: Number FIll-Ins

I have just published a book about a new kind of puzzle : Number Fill-Ins . This puzzle is relatively easy the goal is to fill a grid with a list of numbers. Although this puzzle requires logic to be solved, a good sense of observation is an asset.  It could happen  for many of us that sometime we want to take a break from the roller coaster puzzles like Kakuro, Super Sudoku, etc.., and we just want to have a quiet challenge . So the Number Fill-ins puzzle is perfect for these moments.


So my book is titled Number Fill-ins Brain Exercises available on Amazon.



With this book I want to expand my public, I want to interest a new kind of puzzler to my puzzles. This book is using large print in order to fit every age.

So I present a Number Fill-ins puzzle (13x13)

Number Fill-ins 13x13n 67

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle:fill_in_13x13_00067 .pdf

Solution :fill_in_13x13_00067 _sol.pdf

 Enjoy !;

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