Thermometers a captivating puzzle

Thermometers a captivating puzzle

This is a puzzle called Themometers, this puzzle is captivating and could require a lot of thinking. The goal is easy: fill the thermometers with mercury such that at the end each row and column have the same degree of mercury that the number around the grid. For mor detail  Rules of Thermometers.

For starting two easy grids of size 6X6.

Puzzle: thermo_6_00075.pdf

Solution: thermo_sol_6_00075.pdf

Thermometer no 150


Puzzle: thermo_6_00150.pdf

Solution: thermo_sol_6_00150.pdf

This is puzzle of size  8X8 with three levels of difficulty.

Thermometer 3341

Puzzle: thermo_8_03341.pdf

Solution: thermo_sol_8_03341.pdf

Thermometer 4320

Puzzle: thermo_8_04320.pdf

Solution: thermo_sol_8_04320.pdf

Puzzle: thermo_8_04426.pdf

Solution: thermo_sol_8_04426.pdf


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