Thermometer n: 5

When the temperature is hot, it does not have a better puzzle than the Thermometer (Rules of Thermometers), so for your pleasure I provide you with three puzzles.

Thermometer 7 n 13
Thermometer 7 n 13

The printable files PDF.


Solution: thermo_sol_7_00013.pdf


Thermometer 7 n 4311
Thermometer 7 n 4311

The printable files PDF.


Solution: thermo_sol_7_04311.pdf


Thermometer 7 n 4723
Thermometer 7 n 4723

The printable files PDF.


Solution: thermo_sol_7_04723.pdf

Enjoy !!


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Thermometer : no 4

Here in Montréal, since a few days the temperature has dropped below -24 C. So solving Thermometer puzzles (Rules of Thermometers )seems appropriate. Then this is 3 puzzles, the first two have 7x7 size..

Themometer 7x7 no 661

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: thermo_7_00661.pdf

Solution : thermo_sol_7_00661.pdf

Themometer 7x7 no 4661

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: thermo_7_04661.pdf

Solution : thermo_sol_7_04661.pdf

And the last one has a size of 9X9.

Themometer 9x9 no 1646

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: thermo_9_01646.pdf

Solution : thermo_sol_9_01646.pdf

Enjoy !!!.

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New book About Thermometers puzzles

This is a book for the lover of the thermometer puzzle. it has 110 puzzles with different sizes from e 6x6 up to  12x12. It has a detailed section on how to resolve these puzzlles. The book is available on Amazon : Thermometer Puzzle Challenge.

Thermometer Puzzle Challenge

Just to try before buying, I present you 2 puzzles.

Thermometer 9X9 no 3504

The printable files PDF

Puzzle: thermo_9_03504.pdf

Solution : thermo_sol_9_03504.pdf

Thermometer 9X9 no 3505

The printable files PDF

Puzzle: thermo_9_03505.pdf

Solution : thermo_sol_9_03505.pdf

Stay tuned another book would be published soon.

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Thermometer n: 3

 This is three new thermometers, one easy and two ...hum... not so easy. Soon I will add a section about advanced strategies in the rules page  (  Rules of Thermometers). So we begin with the easy one.

Thermometer 8 : 1687

And we finish with the harder.

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : thermo_8_01687.pdf

Solution : thermo_sol_8_01687.pdf

Thermometer 8 : 4894

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : thermo_8_04894.pdf

Solution : thermo_sol_8_04894.pdf

Thermometer 8 : 4897

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : thermo_8_04897.pdf

Solution : thermo_sol_8_04897.pdf


If ever you want to leave comments.

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Thermometers again !

The adepts of the Thermometer puzzle ( see  Rules of Thermometers) would enjoy these  4 new puzzles.

The 2 first two are of size 6X6 and are easy.

Thermometer 6X6 no 15

The printable file PDF

Puzzle: thermo_6_00015.pdf

Solution :thermo_sol_6_00015.pdf


Thermometer 6X6 no 16

The printable file PDF

Puzzle: thermo_6_00016.pdf

Solution :thermo_sol_6_00016.pdf

 The next two are bigger :10X10


Thermometer 10X10 no 4

The printable file PDF

Puzzle: thermo_10_00004.pdf

Solution :thermo_sol_10_00004.pdf


Thermometer 10X10 no 78

The printable file PDF

Puzzle: thermo_10_00078.pdf

Solution :thermo_sol_10_00078.pdf

Enjoy !


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