Thermometer : no 4

Here in Montréal, since a few days the temperature has dropped below -24 C. So solving Thermometer puzzles (Rules of Thermometers )seems appropriate. Then this is 3 puzzles, the first two have 7x7 size..

Themometer 7x7 no 661

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: thermo_7_00661.pdf

Solution : thermo_sol_7_00661.pdf

Themometer 7x7 no 4661

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: thermo_7_04661.pdf

Solution : thermo_sol_7_04661.pdf

And the last one has a size of 9X9.

Themometer 9x9 no 1646

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: thermo_9_01646.pdf

Solution : thermo_sol_9_01646.pdf

Enjoy !!!.

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New book About Thermometers puzzles

This is a book for the lover of the thermometer puzzle. it has 110 puzzles with different sizes from e 6x6 up to  12x12. It has a detailed section on how to resolve these puzzlles. The book is available on Amazon : Thermometer Puzzle Challenge.

Thermometer Puzzle Challenge

Just to try before buying, I present you 2 puzzles.

Thermometer 9X9 no 3504

The printable files PDF

Puzzle: thermo_9_03504.pdf

Solution : thermo_sol_9_03504.pdf

Thermometer 9X9 no 3505

The printable files PDF

Puzzle: thermo_9_03505.pdf

Solution : thermo_sol_9_03505.pdf

Stay tuned another book would be published soon.

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Thermometer n: 3

 This is three new thermometers, one easy and two ...hum... not so easy. Soon I will add a section about advanced strategies in the rules page  (  Rules of Thermometers). So we begin with the easy one.

Thermometer 8 : 1687

And we finish with the harder.

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : thermo_8_01687.pdf

Solution : thermo_sol_8_01687.pdf

Thermometer 8 : 4894

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : thermo_8_04894.pdf

Solution : thermo_sol_8_04894.pdf

Thermometer 8 : 4897

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : thermo_8_04897.pdf

Solution : thermo_sol_8_04897.pdf


If ever you want to leave comments.

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Thermometers again !

The adepts of the Thermometer puzzle ( see  Rules of Thermometers) would enjoy these  4 new puzzles.

The 2 first two are of size 6X6 and are easy.

Thermometer 6X6 no 15

The printable file PDF

Puzzle: thermo_6_00015.pdf

Solution :thermo_sol_6_00015.pdf


Thermometer 6X6 no 16

The printable file PDF

Puzzle: thermo_6_00016.pdf

Solution :thermo_sol_6_00016.pdf

 The next two are bigger :10X10


Thermometer 10X10 no 4

The printable file PDF

Puzzle: thermo_10_00004.pdf

Solution :thermo_sol_10_00004.pdf


Thermometer 10X10 no 78

The printable file PDF

Puzzle: thermo_10_00078.pdf

Solution :thermo_sol_10_00078.pdf

Enjoy !


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Thermometers a captivating puzzle

This is a puzzle called Themometers, this puzzle is captivating and could require a lot of thinking. The goal is easy: fill the thermometers with mercury such that at the end each row and column have the same degree of mercury that the number around the grid. For mor detail  Rules of Thermometers.

For starting two easy grids of size 6X6.

Puzzle: thermo_6_00075.pdf

Solution: thermo_sol_6_00075.pdf

Thermometer no 150


Puzzle: thermo_6_00150.pdf

Solution: thermo_sol_6_00150.pdf

This is puzzle of size  8X8 with three levels of difficulty.

Thermometer 3341

Puzzle: thermo_8_03341.pdf

Solution: thermo_sol_8_03341.pdf

Thermometer 4320

Puzzle: thermo_8_04320.pdf

Solution: thermo_sol_8_04320.pdf

Puzzle: thermo_8_04426.pdf

Solution: thermo_sol_8_04426.pdf


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