Suguru # 14

Suguru # 14

The last article was about Suguru puzzles, this article is again about Suguru, but more specifically the Geant Suguru puzzle. These puzzles are a pur enjoyment for the Suguru lovers. Because tey are big, the size start at 16x16 up to 20x20. The present puzzle is a 16x16.

Suguru 16x16 n 20

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : suguru_16X16_00020.pdf

Solution : suguru_16X16_00020_sol.pdf

I would like to remind the Giant Suguru fanatics, that they could find these puzzles in the folowing books: (availble on Amazon UK but also all other Amazon Store: US,Canada etc..)

Giant Suguru

And thes second one Giant Suguru: the Sequel

These two books are able to fill our Geant Suguru crave.

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