Suguru # 9

Suguru # 9

I can not let you without Suguru before Christmas time. Consequently, this is two Suguru puzzles (Rules of Suguru), you dont need the advanced technics to solved them. But it doesnt mean that they are without challenges. ! The first one is pretty calm with a size of 7X7.


Suguru 7X7 n 11

The printable puzzles PDF.

Puzzle : suguru_7X7_00011.pdf

Solution : suguru_7X7_00011_sol.pdf

2) This one is of size 8X16.

Suguru 8X16 n 9

The printable puzzles PDF.

Puzzle : suguru_8X16_00009.pdf

Solution : suguru_8X16_00009_sol.pdf

In case you were unaware, I have published two Suguru books, subtlety named Suguru Challenge  and Suguru Challenge v 2. They have plenty of Suguru puzzles, in fact 251, of various size and level of difficulty. These books will fill you with happiness. 



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