New book: Suguru Challenge v.2:

New book: Suguru Challenge v.2:

Suguru Challenge 2

I am proud to present you my latest book Suguru Challenge v. 2. If you had liked Suguru Challenge v.1 you  would like this one. It has the same kind of puzzles with the same sizes and difficulty levels. And for the other who have not bought my previous book it will please you also.

This book is available on Amazon: Suguru Challenege 2.

Examples of puzzles 

This is two examples of Suguru puzzles that you could find in my book.  

Suguru 15x5 no 94

Puzzle : suguru_15x5_00094.pdf

Solution : suguru_15x5_00094_sol.pdf



Suguru 15x5 no 95

Puzzle : suguru_15x5_00095.pdf

Solution : suguru_15x5_00095_sol.pdf

Stay tuned, I am working on new techniques for solving Suguru, the hardest puzzle. I will update my rules page and present you extreme Suguru.

 Have a great time !!!.

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