Round Trip # 2

Round Trip # 2

First of all, I want to wish to all my readers an Happy Holliday ( Christmass, Winter Soltice or other). Take the occasion to celebrate an meet your loved ones.


But also try to find the time to enjoy yourself by resolving these two Round trip puzzles (Rules of Round Trip). This is a pleasant puzzle, which does not need numbers or words but only simple lines. The goal is to complete the puzzle by drawing line such that each dot is visited once by the lines forming one big loop.

Round trip 8X8 n 2

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle :baton_8X8_00002.pdf

Solution :baton_8X8_00002_sol.pdf


Round trip 8X8 n 3

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle :baton_8X8_00003.pdf

Solution :baton_8X8_00003_sol.pdf

Again I wish you a merry Christmass !!!.


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