Outside Suguru # 2

Outside Suguru # 2

Last week i was the Outside Sudoku, now this is the Outside Suguru. Remember, the grid has no given, instead the clues are outside the grid. The numbers in front of each column and row are the numbers that are in the corresponding column or row, but not necessarily on the same order. When you find a number in a cell cross out the number in the clues of the corresponding column and row. I provide you an easy and a serious puzzle.


Outside Suguru 6x6 n 9


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : suguru_out_6x6_00009.pdf

Solution : suguru_out_6x6_00009_sol.pdf


Outside Suguru 6x6 n 14422


The printable files PDF.

Puzzle : suguru_out_6x6_14422.pdf

Solution : suguru_out_6x6_14422_sol.pdf

Have a good day !

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