New Book : Giant Suguru: The Sequel

New Book : Giant Suguru: The Sequel

I want to please all of those who have loved Giant Suguru, for them I publish Giant Suguru: The Sequel


Giant Suguru: The Sequel

The Giant Suguru fans will find 100 Suguru puzzles of different size : 16x16, 18x18 and 20x20. But above all, they will find the same challenging and fun puzzles. The giant Suguru is a Suguru wich the grid is "big", so the puzzle requires more time and patience to be resolved but at the same time the pleasure increases. Just to give you an idea, here a 18X18 grid.

Suguru 18x18 n 5

The printable file PDF.

Puzzle :suguru_18x18_00005.pdf

Solution : suguru_18x18_00005_sol.pdf

This book, Giant Suguru: The Sequel is available on Amazon Uk , Amazon US and on every other site of Amazon. Don forget that The first book of this collection Giant Suguru is also available. 

GIant Suguru

Have fun.

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