Kakuro :no 4

Every serious players know the Kakuro, the goal is to fill each cell with a number from 1 to 9 so that the total of each number equals  the sum indicated at the begining of each row or column ( or entry). Also the numbers composing the toal must be all different (no repeition). This is the conventional way of presenting a Kakuro

Kakuro 11X13 no 1506

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: kaku11x13_A01506.pdf

Solution kaku11x13_A01506sol.pdf

But a distinguish puzzle constructor, namely Kazydad www.krazyda.com (Krazydad figure in my list of the people whom I would like to have a beer), offers a new presentation. The clues (the sums) are presented differently, they appear at the begining and the end of each entries. By example the same Kakuro with the krazydad format look like:

KKakuro 11X13 no 1506

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: kkaku_11X13_A01506.pdf

Solution kkaku_11X13_A01506sol.pdf

Then I will present you another one in each format.

Kakuro 11X13 no 2004

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: kaku_11X13_A02004.pdf

Solution kaku_11X13_A_02004sol.pdf

And the same Kakuro in the krazydad format.

KKakuro 11X13 no 2004

The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: kkaku_11X13_A02004.pdf

Solution kkaku_11X13_A_02004sol.pdf

 And for the last, 2 easy Kakuro in this format.


Kkakuro 7X7 n 20

 The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: kkaku7x7_A00020.pdf

Solution: kkaku7x7_A00020sol.pdf

Kkakuro 7X7 n 21

 The printable files PDF.

Puzzle: kkaku7x7_A00021.pdf

Solution: kkaku7x7_A00021sol.pdf

Enjoy !!.

Tell me which format you like the most.


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Giant Kakuro n: 2

This is two new Kakuro, they are unusual by their giant size of 14X20, they are more suited for the long distance runner than the sprinter. So let's begin.

Kakuro 14X20 2015-09-04 001

The printable files PDF

Puzzle : kakuro_14X20_2015_09_04_0001.pdf

Solution: kakuro_sol_4X20_2015_09_04_0001.pdf

Kakuro 14X20 2015-09-04 002

The printable files PDF

Puzzle : kakuro_14X20_2015_09_04_0002.pdf

Solution: kakuro_sol_4X20_2015_09_04_0002.pdf

 Enjoy !!.

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Kakuro puzzles

I present you the Kakuro, the rules are simple: put number 1 to 9 in each cell so that numbers entered add up to the corresponding clues. The clues indicate the sum that numbers must have in the cage, all number in a cage must be different (no repetition).  This puzzle could have many sizes and levels of difficulty. I  show you 5 puzzle of size 10x10 in 5 different levels of difficulty.

The easiest

kakuro no 1

The printable file PDF

Puzzle : kakuro_10x10_2015_06_16_0001.pdf

Solution :kakuro_sol_10x10_2015_06_16_0001.pdf


This one is less easy.

kakuro no 2

The printable file PDF

Puzzle : kakuro_10x10_2015_06_16_0002.pdf

Solution :kakuro_sol_10x10_2015_06_16_0002.pdf


The next one is medium.

kakuro no 3

The printable file PDF

Puzzle : kakuro_10x10_2015_06_16_0003.pdf

Solution :kakuro_sol_10x10_2015_06_16_0003.pdf


The next one is challenging.

kakuro no 4

The printable file PDF

Puzzle : kakuro_10x10_2015_06_16_0004.pdf

Solution :kakuro_sol_10x10_2015_06_16_0004.pdf


The last one is for serious puzzler.

kakuro no 5

The printable file PDF

Puzzle : kakuro_10x10_2015_06_16_0005.pdf

Solution :kakuro_sol_10x10_2015_06_16_0005.pdf

 So enjoy !!!

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