The Futoshiki

The Futoshiki

The futoshiki is a funny puzzle, it comes in many size from grid of 5x5 to grid of 9x9.  Your goal is to place the number 1 to 5 ( or higher if the grid is larger)  in each column and row so that no number is repeated in a column or row and that each sign > (greater than) and < (less than) is respected. For begining I would give you two easy puzzle of size 5x5 and 8X8 following by two other a little bit less easy.

Futoshiki 5x5 n 20

The printable file PDF

Puzzle : Futoshiki_5_00020.pdf

Solution : Futoshiki_5_00020_sol.pdf

Futoshiki 8x8 n 200

The printable file PDF

Puzzle : Futoshiki_8_00200.pdf

Solution : Futoshiki_8_00200_sol.pdf

And now the final puzzles.


Futoshiki 5x5 n 10910

The printable file PDF

Puzzle : Futoshiki_5_10910.pdf

Solution : Futoshiki_5_10910_sol.pdf

Futoshiki 8x8 n 6735

The printable file PDF

Puzzle : Futoshiki_8_06735.pdf

Solution : Futoshiki_8_06735_sol.pdf

Enjoy !.

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