Futoshiki # 9

Sporadically (probably not enough)Futoshiki puzzles appear in these pages. This is one of these moments, I present you three 9x9 Futoshiki puzzles. The rules are simple :  in each cell put the number from 1 to 9 in such way that at the end each row and column has all the numbers only once. Futhermore you should respect the signs greater than > and less than <.


Futoshiki 9X9 n 59


The printables files PDF.

Puzzle: Futoshiki_9_00059.pdf

Solution: Futoshiki_9_00059_sol.pdf


Futoshiki 9X9 n 60


The printables files PDF.

Puzzle: Futoshiki_8_00060.pdf

Solution: Futoshiki_9_00060_sol.pdf


Futoshiki 9X9 n 61


The printables files PDF.

Puzzle: Futoshiki_9_00061.pdf

Solution: Futoshiki_9_00061_sol.pdf

I want to remind you that you will find in these two books Futoshiki Challenge 1 and Futoshiki Challenge 2 the best Futoshiki puzzles. Each one has more than 190 Futoshiki of all size. Don't wait !!


Enjoy !!,

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