New year, new puzzle: The Domino

New year, new puzzle: The Domino

First of all, I want to wish you an Happy new Year !!!

As this is a new year, I want to show you a new puzzle: the Domino the rules are simple (Rules of Domino) :In a grid 28 dominos are placed but the borders delimiting each domino are erased so your job is trying to redraw ther borders. The grid com in five different shapes and each puzzle has a list to let uou mark the dominos found. The best way to appreciate this puzzle is to try it.

Domino n 156

The printable files PDF

Puzzle: domino_00156.pdf


Domino n 157

The printable files PDF

Puzzle: domino_00157.pdf


Domino n 158

The printable files PDF

Puzzle: domino_00158.pdf


Domino n 159

The printable files PDF

Puzzle: domino_00159.pdf


Domino n 160

The printable filse PDF

Puzzle: domino_00160.pdf



 As usual enjoy !

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