Technic 1: Election

Technic 1: Election


This technic let you determine the right candidate.


If a cell has n candidates and n neighboring cells pertaining to an another and same region and the neigboring cells have the same candidates than the original cell plus an another candidate. (It is very important that this other candidate appears only once in the neighboring cells).


Then this other candidate must be elected in one of the neighboring cell else if this candidate does not appears it would produce an illegal sitation because the original cell will have no valid candidates (in fact the original cell will have 0 candidate).



From the Suguru at the figure 1 with the basic technics we arrive at this situation (fig 2).

To be able to progress you need to apply the election. The original cell B5 has two candidates: 1 and 4 and also two neighboring cells C4 and C6. These two neighboring cells have together the same candidates that the original cell ( 1 and 4) plus an other candidate 5. So based on this rule C4 must have 5.



If the candidate 5 were not present in C4 then C4 would have 4 and C6 1, thus the original cell B5 will have no candidate.


With that you could find the solution (fig 3).

You could try by yourself with this example Suguru election.pdf.

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