Latest book : Super Sudoku Variations 16x16

Latest book : Super Sudoku Variations 16x16

This is my latest book: Super Sudoku Variations 16x16

Super sudoku Variations 16x16


This book contains Super Sudoku 16x16 in many flavors (only seen on such as:  3d, Super Spark and cubic Super Sudoku.   If you are one of those wo have recently followed this website, you have an idea about the wide variety of Super Sudoku that I have presented. For more precision, this book contains:

  1. Classic Super Sudoku
  2. Diagonal Super Sudoku
  3. Consecutive
  4. Non-Consecutive
  5. Chaos
  6. Even Super Sudoku
  7. Less than 9
  8. 3d Super Sudoku
  9. Cubic Super Sudoku
  10. Pentagram Super Sudoku
  11. Hexagram Super Sudoku

I am proud to present this book... full of surprise and pleasure.

Avaliable on Amazon USA. Super Sudoku Variations 16x16

Amazon UK : Super Sudoku Variations 16x16

I hope that you will like it as I like it.!!! You will not see elsewhere a book having so many spectacular variations like this. Try it !!. This is a must have for any lover of Super Sudoku 16x16 or even for any puzzle lover.


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