2 years old !!!

2 years old !!!

I am proud to tell you that this website is growing up, and it is celebrating his second birthday. Since last year I have added 128 articles in English and French. I have presented you some new puzzles like: Sudoku three Dimensions (9x9 and 16X16), the Balances and the old ones like Thermometer, Dot to Dot, Suguru, etc..

The popularity if this website has increased and I hope that it will continue. At first when I started this website I wanted to show you all my puzzles. But my other occupations have also increased, so I have a lot of other puzzles that are still unknown. 

But the worst is that I am missing time to develop new ones or to improve old ones.

Now in my spare time I try to develop new functionalities to create more difficult Suguru, then I will need to upgrade also my rules’ page about Suguru to add the new resolution techniques.

But the most important thing I want to tell you: is that I enjoy your commerce ( social exchange) and I am more than happy to see your emails and comments.

To conclude, thank again.    


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