Latest book : Super Sudoku Variations 16x16

This is my latest book: Super Sudoku Variations 16x16

Super sudoku Variations 16x16


This book contains Super Sudoku 16x16 in many flavors (only seen on such as:  3d, Super Spark and cubic Super Sudoku.   If you are one of those wo have recently followed this website, you have an idea about the wide variety of Super Sudoku that I have presented. For more precision, this book contains:

  1. Classic Super Sudoku
  2. Diagonal Super Sudoku
  3. Consecutive
  4. Non-Consecutive
  5. Chaos
  6. Even Super Sudoku
  7. Less than 9
  8. 3d Super Sudoku
  9. Cubic Super Sudoku
  10. Pentagram Super Sudoku
  11. Hexagram Super Sudoku

I am proud to present this book... full of surprise and pleasure.

Avaliable on Amazon USA. Super Sudoku Variations 16x16

Amazon UK : Super Sudoku Variations 16x16

I hope that you will like it as I like it.!!! You will not see elsewhere a book having so many spectacular variations like this. Try it !!. This is a must have for any lover of Super Sudoku 16x16 or even for any puzzle lover.


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New Book about Super Sudoku 16x16

I am proud to annonce you my latest book Super Sudoku Challenge 2 16x16

Super Sudoku Challenge 2

This is a long awaited sequel of the popular Super Sudoku Challenge 1. The lovers of Super Sudoku will be pleased by the 100 new puzzles contain in this book divided into four levels of difficulty. YOu could find this book on amazon : Super Sudoku Challenge 2. And in case you have missed the first one : Super Sudoku Challenge 1, don't worry, it is still available.

I hope you will love it. !!!


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3 YEARS !!!

This month, this website has reached its three years of existence. At the beginning I did not know how long it would last. But last month I renewed with my provider for another year, so I guess I will be here for more time than I had expected

In case it could interest you, since the beginning I have published 450 articles in English and French. I have provided you 1021 puzzles !!!.

And I have many more other kind of puzzle to present you I hope to have enough time to show my new stuff. My goal for this 4th year is to publish some new books. I intend to  finish my section about the rules of Suguru and …

Cheer and I want to  thank you for your interest If you have any comment plesase let me know.


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Rules of Suguru are updated

Just to let you know that I have added new content to Rules of Suguru. In fact I added new strategies for solving the most difficult Suguru , by the same occasion I have changed the form of this article. This is just the begining, I will add more technics soon. I will eventually offer you these kind of Suguru in Innoludic. I intend to write a book on how to solve the extreme Suguru, if I find the time and the courage to undertake this task.

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